About LG-MRI

About LG-MRI

Our Heritage

Military Roots and Mission-Critical Applications

Our story begins in 1998 when Alpharetta, GA-based American Panel Corporation (APC) emerged as the world’s #1 global OEM for LCD modules and displays used in military aircraft and land vehicles. With virtually 100% of the USA and 60% of the international market share for cockpit displays, APC started looking to bring its display technology to new markets.

Out of this, Manufacturing Resources International (MRI) was born. MRI designs, engineers, and fabricates BoldVu® LCD displays used in out of home advertising networks. Of all the display industry players, MRI maintains the largest install base of outdoor LCDs with deployments in over 50 cities around the globe. MRI also holds most of the core intellectual property around outdoor LCD technology.

In 2014, LG Electronics approached MRI to form a joint-venture organization, LG-MRI, to sell MRI’s BoldVu® displays under the LG brand. BoldVu® displays continually raise the bar for outdoor LCD performance and reign as the preferred display technology of leading OOH media companies.


Our Facility

Alpharetta, Georgia – USA

Manufacturing Resources International is based in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA and is home base for the teams that design, engineer, produce, and support BoldVu® displays. The 140,000 sqft. facility transforms raw materials into finished outdoor display products used all over the world. Activity in this facility includes:

  • Engineering of all disciplines – electrical, mechanical, optical
  • Circuit board production – design, SMT, conformal coat
  • Glass processing – scribe, break, print, laminate
  • Metal processing – cut, deburr, form, weld, route
  • Optics – LED backlight, films, LCD, cover glass
  • Environmental stress-testing and quality assurance
  • Firmware/software development
  • Global customer support and field services

Our Products

Built for Performance

BoldVu® displays are built not simply to survive, but to thrive in outdoor environments. Every possible challenge that could be thrown at a display, from unstable power and vandalism to extreme ambient temperatures and solar exposure, has influenced the BoldVu® design. This design and engineering approach has enabled MRI to continually raise the bar for outdoor LCD performance and package all the technology and IP into the BoldVu®.

Perhaps the greatest difference between the BoldVu® and everything else, is the visual performance guarantee which says that so long as the BoldVu® display is managed under a SmartVu® Services program it will meet its day-1 performance specifications in any ambient environment, including direct sunlight, for up to 10 years.

BoldVu® displays power out of home engagement networks in the most populous and highly-trafficked venues within cities and communities.

The BoldVu® Difference

A BoldVu® is unlike any other digital signage technology seen in the marketplace. It’s not a monitor you put in a box – its a technology cabinet complete with its own power center, environmentally sealed electronics chassis to house IoT devices, and a structure that is built to maintain a cool operating environment. BoldVu® displays are weatherproof so there’s no need for a weather-sealed enclosure. Most importantly, BoldVu® displays are engineered for unsurpassed visual performance. No other outdoor display produces a better looking picture than a BoldVu®.

BoldVu® means Trusted

The display technology of choice for the world’s largest out of home media companies, BoldVu® displays are sophisticated, mature, and proven.

BoldVu® means Enduring

BoldVu® displays are built to survive and thrive in public spaces over the long term. They are even available with a visual performance guarantee. 10-years of day-1 performance.

BoldVu® means Tough

BoldVu® displays are built for ultimate durability in the harsh, outdoor environment. No thin, flimsy, or plastic materials on a product that lasts 10-years.

BoldVu® means Stunning

BoldVu® displays enable visceral responses to high-impact ad campaigns by nature of their bold and bright image reproduction. Like punching your eyes in the face.

BoldVu® means Leading Edge

BoldVu® displays are always redefining what’s possible with digital signage – delivering better performance, integrating new technologies, and doing it on less power than ever before.

BoldVu® means Dynamic

In the same way ads change based on real-time conditions, so too do BoldVu® displays dynamically optimize performance to produce an amazing picture in the surrounding environment.

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