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With a continuously growing patent profile for outdoor LCD display technology, we’re innovators – not integrators. Here’s our story.  



Our heritage dates back to 1998 when American Panel Corporation (APC) emerged as the world’s #1 global OEM supplier for LCD modules and displays used in commercial, business and military aircraft, and ground vehicles. With virtually 100% of the US market and 60% of the international market share for military-grade displays, APC began extending its display technology to new markets.

Out of this expansion, Manufacturing Resources International (MRI) was born. MRI engineers, fabricates, assembles and monitors LCD display solutions for companies all over the globe. These displays are used for advertising, public announcements and wayfinding in various public venues. MRI’s installed base exceeds 30,000 faces in more than 50 international cities in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, South America, New Zealand and Australia.

In 2014, MRI formed a strategic partnership with LG Electronics and created the joint-venture, LG-MRI. Our combined resources have made us the largest outdoor LCD display manufacturer and distributor in the world, serving the display needs of the out of home media, transportation, hospitality, retail, entertainment, and quick service restaurant industries.



MRI has a staff of over 90 engineers that design display solutions to solve the business needs of our clients. Each display product is designed with the final application in mind, to deliver 10 years of full performance life.


Every display is manufactured from the ground up in our 137,000 sqft. state-of-the-art production facility. We fully test and configure each display SKU for the indoor or outdoor environment prior to shipment.


MRI’s in-house network operations center (NOC) proactively monitors approximately 150 hardware parameters on each unit in order to provide the highest level of performance over the 10-year life of the display.

Where other outdoor LCD display solutions lose 10% of their brightness each year, our product produces 3500 nits of luminance for 10 years.


LG-MRI outdoor displays deliver 3500 nits of brightness through the cover glass and dynamically adjust luminance, black level and gamma based upon many parameters, including: time of day, weather conditions, temperature, display age and the on-screen content. These automatic adjustments deliver up to 30% energy savings over comparably sized displays and dramatically extend the lifespan of the LED backlight.

Where other outdoor displays on average lose 10% of their brightness each year, our product is designed to produce 3500 nits of luminance for 10 years, through the cover glass in ambient temperatures between -40°C and +50°C, with or without direct solar exposure. No other outdoor LCD manufacturer provides this level of lifetime performance.

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