About LG-MRI

Reimagining what is possible with a digital display.

LG-MRI is delivering on the promise of a digital future where technology makes our lives better. With digital displays engineered for extended performance in outdoor spaces, and a housing for devices that empower wireless communications and more responsive usage of IoT data, LG-MRI’s BoldVu® displays are multi-use endpoints that transform how we engage and communicate within our communities.

Enabling the development of IoT at scale.

We believe that technology can makes our lives better. With a proven commercial model based on engagement and connectivity, and the technical means to house and power information and communications technology appliances, BoldVu® bridges the gap between the desire for a digital future and the financial & technical means to support its development.


Formed in 2014, LG-MRI is a 50-50 joint venture between outdoor LCD technology pioneer, Manufacturing Resources International and consumer electronics powerhouse, LG Electronics. Together, these companies created a unique and powerful combination of expertise in display technology and design, with the scale, experience, and resources to catalyze the digitization of Out Of Home media on a global scale. From the first large-format touchscreen LCDs deployed in bus shelters nearly a decade ago to today’s smart and connected kiosks delivering engagement, connectivity, and data insights across cities, stadiums, and mixed-use properties around the world, LG-MRI continues to lead the charge in pushing outdoor display technology to do more.


MRI is based in Alpharetta, Georgia USA and is home base for the teams that design, engineer, fabricate, and support BoldVu® displays. Activity in this 220,000+ sqft. facility includes:

  • Electrical, mechanical, optical engineering
  • Printed circuit board (PCB) production
  • Glass processing
  • Metal fabrication
  • Powder-coat painting
  • Mechanical and electrical assembly
  • Environmental stress-testing and quality assurance
  • Firmware/software development
  • Global NOC, customer support, and field services


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