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The airport is the pinnacle of innovation in transportation. Now you can push it further into the future with smart digital signage at the passenger drop-off/pickup area.


For as long as commercial flights have been around, airports and vendors have offered products and services to improve the traveler’s experience. Naturally, the promotion of these services became a secondary market within the airport and that’s how we got to where we are today. Advertising is everywhere as vendors all vie for their piece of the traveler’s time and money.

Digital signage in airports allows advertisers to extend their reach across the terminal. It also allows them an opportunity for direct interaction with the individual. Using technologies such as touch, facial recognition, and Bluetooth beacon, brands can serve contextually relevant content on a person by person basis. The best part is, the display owners, whether that be the airport facility owner or the advertising media companies, can increase their revenue with multiple ads on a single digital display.

Digital displays are also effective wayfinding tools. With the same touch, swipe, pinch, and zoom gestures used in smartphones, travelers are comfortable in using the display to help them find their gate or a new restaurant they’ve yet to try out. The wayfinding tool is also another revenue generator as brands will pay to have their retail spaces promoted on the maps and directories.

Highly visible digital signage at the passenger drop-off and pick-up area of the terminal with arrival and baggage claim information also helps keep traffic flowing, as drivers are less intent on slowly trudging through the line for fear of missing their pick up.



A network of connected, digital displays allows vendors to advertise and market to more than just the people immediately in front of their store. Digital signage multiplies the ads and revenue per display.


Nothing leaves a bad impression like a poor experience in your airport. Help passengers find what they need and help them get their faster. Sell ad space to vendors that would like to sponsor the wayfinding app.


Every passenger looks to the digital display for the latest info about their flights and to pass the time. Don’t forget about the drivers waiting to pick up their passengers outside – they’re bored too.


Displays placed in outdoor or semi-outdoor areas at an airport have some special requirements. First, they need to be bright, even when the sun is shining directly at them. Second, they need to be rugged to handle the beating they’ll receive in such a highly trafficked venue. And third, they need to be reliable – you don’t want to change out displays every couple years. You need a display that’s going to perform 24/7 for 10-years.

These requirements are all met with LG-MRI’s BoldVu® and BasicVu® LCD displays. Below are the most common display solutions for airports:

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