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BasicVu® semi-outdoor LCD displays feature 850 nit brightness for 10 years. Models are available in landscape and portrait orientation in sizes 49″, 55″, 75″, 86″, and 98″.



Free Standing

mounts to solid ground

Universal Mount

mounts to anything on any side

Panel Mount

mounts onto an existing structure


– 850 nit brightness
– 7.5mm or 13.5mm thick vandal glass
– Powered by one 120 Volt 15 Amp circuit
– Handles ambient temperatures from -40­°C to +50°C
– Double-sided units available
– Sizes 49″ to 98″

– Full HD 1920 x 1080 (49″-55″); UHD 3840 x 2160 (75″-98″)
– IP56 Environmental Rating
– No filters to change
– Remote monitoring of 150+ parameters
– Automatic image verification and alerting
– Dynamic image adjustment

LCD DIsplay Kiosk

In Everything, Energy Efficient.

BasicVu® displays consume 50% less power than comparable semi-outdoor LCD displays. This is achieved with high-efficiency LEDs that are dynamically adjusted based on the active content on the display, along with a low power CoolVu® cooling system that optimizes all component temperatures. This also improves visual image quality in all lighting conditions as dark colors and blacks appear much deeper, providing a significant boost to contrast ratio.

And because providing power to displays can be challenging in some environments, all displays are designed to run off  a single 120 volt / 15 amp circuit.

Just Add Power.

BasicVu® is a true plug & play solution that includes every hardware and software component required for semi-outdoor LCD displays including the media player, power management system, data connections, monitoring sensors, and an IP54 environmental rating.

Displays are pre-loaded with the client’s preferred content management system and connected to their Network Operating Center (NOC) prior to shipment, so that installation is as easy as connecting power and data.

Indoor LCD DIsplay

Beautiful and Brainy.

StatusVu® monitoring continuously surveys approximately 150 internal hardware and operating parameters for any potential performance issues. A display specific website allows for remote adjustment and troubleshooting in the event of any triggered alerts. RemoteVu™ allows for remote re-boot should the need arise.

Monitoring That Never Sleeps.

The network connectivity of all BasicVu® semi-outdoor LCD displays allows for immediate, remote troubleshooting and diagnostics. If a problem requires on-site service, our technicians will know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it long before they arrive on site.

No worries when a tech pays your LCD a visit, every BasicVu® display is designed to be serviced in its mounted position in 30 minutes or less. You’ll rarely have to uninstall a display for service or to make internal hardware upgrades.

Multiply your advertising revenue with a network of BasicVu® displays.