The BoldVu® Difference

BoldVu® Means Brilliant

Numerous innovations combine to give BoldVu® its unsurpassed 5000 Nit image brightness and clarity in outdoor spaces. From an obsessively engineered optical stack to its autonomous image optimization software, BoldVu® is serious about making digital content pop.


BoldVu® displays are engineered with a high-efficiency LED backlight designed to maintain up to 5000 Nits of luminance for 10 years, twice the industry norm. They appear beautifully bright in any outdoor environment, even in direct sunlight and ensure high contrast and color saturation from every viewing angle.


BoldVu® displays analyze ambient illumination and weather info and combine it with data from each frame of a media file to optimize the brightness, gamma, and black level of the digital screen. This ensures vibrant colors and high contrast no matter when or where the display is viewed.


BoldVu® displays perform real-time analysis of every video frame of content to dynamically and autonomously attenuate and amplify each LED block’s luminance, up to 120 times per second. This feature boosts image contrast, makes colors pop, reduces backlight power and heat generation, and extends LED backlight life.

BoldVu® Means Enduring

Placing high-tech anything in an unprotected environment presents real challenges that are not always entirely predictable. To survive these random, and some not so random, events, BoldVu® is designed with multiple features that ensure product resiliency.