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BoldVu® full outdoor LCD displays feature 3500 nit brightness for 10 years. Models are available in landscape and portrait orientation in sizes 49″, 55″, 75″, 86″, and 98″.



Free Standing

mounts to solid ground

Universal Mount

mounts to anything on any side

Panel Mount

mounts into an existing structure like a bus shelter


– 3500 nit brightness for 10 years
– 13.5mm thick ballistic resistant glass
– Powered by one 120 Volt 20 Amp circuit
– Handles ambient temperatures from -40°C to +50°C
– Double-sided configurations

– Sizes from 49″ to 98″
– Full HD 1920 x 1080 (49″-55″); UHD 3840 x 2160 (75″-98″)
– IP56 environmental rating
– No air filters to change
– Remote monitoring of 150+ parameters

BoldVu Digital Display

Bring On The Sun.

Every BoldVu® LCD display is purpose-built to handle the harshness of the environment where it will live. Its 3500 nit brightness keeps content crystal clear and bright, even in direct sunlight. Never worry again about displays being too dim during the day or too bright at night with our patent pending GeoVu™ feature. Using geographic coordinates and time of day & year, GeoVu™ dynamically enhances the display to guarantee appropriate brightness levels at all times, regardless of obstructions that might trick ambient light sensors.

Using local weather conditions that are updated every 15 minutes, our patented BestVu™ technology complements GeoVu™ to optimize display content for the ambient environment to provide the best visual image quality possible, rain or shine.

The CoolVu® thermal management system allows displays to continue at peak performance at any ambient temperature from -40°C to +50°C. This is achieved without the use of air conditioners or air filters so the power draw on the display remains low and the probability of condensation and dust particles reaching the internal electronics is eliminated.

Tough Where You Need It.

Rain or snow, dust and dirt, BoldVu® LCD Displays are 100% protected from the elements. The closed loop cooling system means no air filters to maintain, and ensures protection of all internal components from atmospheric pollutants and humidity.

The 13.5 mm cover glass is ballistic resistant and ensures protection of the LCD from vandalism, kicked-up debris, and destructive storms.

BoldVu Bus Shelter Display
Touchscreen BoldVu Display

In Everything, Energy Efficient.

BoldVu® outdoor LCD displays typically consume 50% less power while still outperforming every other outdoor display in the world. This is achieved with high-efficiency LEDs that are dynamically adjusted based on the active content on the display, along with our energy efficient CoolVu® cooling system. This also improves visual image quality in all lighting conditions as dark colors and blacks appear much deeper, providing a significant boost to contrast ratio.

And because providing power to displays can be challenging in some environments, all displays are designed to run off  a single 120 volt / 20 amp circuit.

Just Add Power.

BoldVu® is a true plug & play solution that includes everything required for outdoor displays including the media player, power management system, data connections, and IP54 environmental rating. It also comes standard with built-in diagnostic sensors and a custom StatusVu® web portal for monitoring system performance – both of which you won’t find anywhere else.

Displays are pre-loaded with the client’s preferred content management software and connected to their Network Operating Center (NOC) prior to shipment, so that installation is as easy as connecting power and data.

BoldVu Transit Screen
BoldVu Bus Shelter Display

Beautiful and Brainy.

SmartVu display optimization software continuously watches approximately 150 hardware and internal operating parameters for any potential performance issues, it triggers alerts, and it performs self-healing protocols to keep the display up and running.

SureVu® monitoring and analysis of video guarantees that content is always playing. Using sophisticated monitoring techniques, the software can detect frozen media players, black/frozen content, invalid input resolution, no connected video events, and more.

Upon detection of these events, SmartVu display software will alert, and in many cases automatically heal the condition at the same time. Using the StatusVu® Web Portal, SNMP monitoring capabilities, and the SmartVu area network monitoring protocol, information regarding events and how long they lasted can be gathered during or after the fact.

BestVu™ draws upon local weather conditions to optimize display content for the brightest days, bringing out the darkest details that would otherwise go unnoticed in a bright outdoor environment. Whether is it is the brightest day or the foggiest one, BestVu™ provides unsurpassed image quality.

RemoteVu™ allows for remote or SmartVu automated re-boot of embedded display devices such as frozen media players or routers. Additionally, in the event that a media player has a critical issue and can’t or won’t boot to the host operating system, the MRI team can remotely diagnose and recover media players by utilizing Intel vPro® technology, therefore preventing costly and time consuming onsite visits, and further driving the overall cost of operations down.

Monitoring That Never Sleeps.

The data connection on all BoldVu® outdoor LCD displays allows for immediate, remote troubleshooting and diagnostics. In most cases, any problems with a display will be resolved by our support team before the client is even aware of it’s presence. If a problem requires on-site service, our technicians will know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it long before they arrive on site.

In the rare event dispatching a field tech is needed, BoldVu® displays are designed to be serviced in their mounted position in 30 minutes or less. You rarely have to uninstall a BoldVu® display for service or to make internal hardware upgrades.

BoldVu Transit Screen

Bring your outdoor advertising into the digital age with BoldVu® LCD displays.