The BoldVu® Difference

Lowest lifetime Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Remote monitoring and reporting

Only true outdoor solution on the market

10+ year performance life

Best visual image quality

Engineering superiority


10 year visual performance.

BoldVu® displays deliver unparalleled visual performance in outdoor environments. With luminance ratings up to 5000 nits, their high-efficiency LED backlight and obsessively engineered optical stack achieve incredibly bright imagery in the face of intense sunlight – and will do so day-in and day-out for 10 full years. So bring on the sun, BoldVu’s got it managed.


Bring the heat.

Nothing will destroy a display faster than inadequate thermal management. CoolVu® is BoldVu’s multi-patented thermal management technology that extracts and expels heat from inside the BoldVu®, without exposing display electronics to ambient air or environmental contaminants, like dust, dirt and moisture and without the use of air filters – which means typically no periodic maintenance required. With CoolVu®, BoldVu® displays can operate in environments up to 122°F (50°C) without any degradation in visual performance.

up to

122° F / 50° C

temperature tolerance



dust & water resistance



air filters


Built for impact.

BoldVu® displays are designed to live in a world of turbulence. ToughVu® cover glass shields delicate electronic components from the effects of adverse weather and vandalism. And with its low diffuse reflection, low haze, and anisotropy and bi-refringence qualities, ToughVu® glass ensures that digital imagery shines with brilliance and delivers maximum contrast, color accuracy, color saturation, and viewing angles–even with wearing polarized sunglasses.

As an added layer of intelligence, BoldVu® displays are equipped with a MEMS sensor which detects and reports on shock and impact events, so in the event of attempted vandalism, you’ll be in the know.

up to

13.5 mm / 0.5 in.

cover glass thickness


Unparalleled contrast and color accuracy.

The world is full of spectacular color, and BoldVu® ensures that every one of them is accurately reproduced. The meticulously engineered optical stack achieves ultra-bright whites and super deep blacks so that every color in-between appears as vibrant as you could hope for. A billion colors never looked so good.

up to

5000 nits

luminance in white

up to


dynamic contrast

greater than

85% (NTSC)

color saturation

Intelligence built-in.

At the heart of BoldVu® is a sophisticated logic controller that receives data from electronic components within the display and autonomously optimizes parameters affecting image quality, chassis thermals, and power draw. With built-in intelligence, BoldVu® takes care of itself so you don’t have to.

Delivering campaign confidence.

With an embedded media player and a 13-megapixel camera capable of 4K video at 30fps, BoldVu® makes delivering amazing, interactive campaigns easier than ever. Output gorgeous graphics, measure audience engagement1 via the USB camera, and translate insights into more effective campaigns.

Digital InfiniteTouch®

Life-size touchscreen experiences.

Digital InfiniteTouch is a next-gen PCAP touch sensor and digital controller available exclusively on BoldVu® displays.

Comprised of multiple layers of glass with index-matched sputter ITO conductors, containing no plastic films, Digital InfiniteTouch delivers high transmission, low reflection, and true tablet-like responsiveness, making it an incredible platform for delivering engaging interactive experiences.

Digital InfiniteTouch is further enhanced with a breakthrough All-Digital touch controller. Running a 300Hz touch panel refresh rate (10x the industry norm) and 3.3ms latency, with ability to work in wet or dry weather–with or without gloves–and operate immune to external electrical interference, the All-Digital touch controller is a monumental leap in capacitive signal processing that translates to a “set it and forget it” touch solution that feels as responsive as any tablet or smartphone but in a life-sized format.



BoldVu® Smart Point

A Data Center Hidden in Plain Sight

The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way we live, work, and how cities and venues are able to offer digital services to the citizens and visitors they serve. As the IoT continues to grow the need for communications and data processing infrastructure grows with them.

BoldVu® has a sealed, cooled, and powered electronics chassis designed to house network appliances, sensors, and multi-access edge compute (MEC) resources that power the IoT. From air quality monitoring and audience analytics to wireless signal propagation and edge data processing, BoldVu® is a data center hidden in plain sight.

Use BoldVu® to house, power, cool, and manage:

  • 1U and 2U Edge Compute Servers
  • Routing / Switching Appliances
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Environmental Sensors
  • USB / IP Cameras and Video Recorders
Optional Feature

BoldVu® Comms Cap.

An optional structure affixed atop BoldVu®, the Comms Cap is an additional housing for IoT and connectivity devices designed to extend functionality beyond the edges of the digital screen.

  • Small cell radios
  • Access points
  • Cameras
  • Environmental sensors
Optional Feature

BoldVu® Side Post.

When additional device integrations may be required, the Side Post option provides a housing with I/O pass-through to BoldVu’s electronics chassis. The Side Post can be used to integrate multiple peripherals like:

  • Navigation Pads
  • Emergency Call Stations
  • Speaker/Mic/Headphone
  • Payment Terminals
Optional Feature

BoldVu® Solar.

BoldVu® is designed for integrating solar panels with configurations for reducing or eliminating reliance on grid power to drive the display. With BoldVu® Solar you can make strides toward your corporate social responsibility goals, while reducing operating costs and potentially leveraging tax incentives for your green investments.

SmartVu® Portal

Better data. Better performance.

When you place a display out in the world, you never know what to expect. BoldVu® displays self-monitor and report on over 150 operating parameters and settings to the SmartVu® Portal. Via the secure web interface you can see how displays are performing, adjust what they’re doing, and troubleshoot errant behavior, all from anywhere you can access the internet.

Outdoor Configurations

BoldVu® LT Semi-Outdoor

850 Nits Daytime Luminance

BoldVu® LT Semi-Outdoor displays are designed for placement in areas protected from direct sun exposure, like in shopping malls and subway stations where its 850 nit operating luminance is bright but not overbearing.

BoldVu® Outdoor

3500 Nits Daytime Luminance

BoldVu® outdoor displays are intended for deployment in areas out in the open and exposed to the elements. With a daytime operating luminance of 3500 nits BoldVu® is an excellent fit for a wide array of outdoor venues.