The All-New BoldVu®


10 year visual performance.

BoldVu® displays deliver unparalleled visual performance in outdoor environments. With luminance ratings up to 5000 nits, their high-efficiency LED backlight and obsessively engineered optical stack achieve incredibly bright imagery in the face of intense sunlight – and will do so day-in and day-out for 10 full years. So bring on the sun, BoldVu’s got it managed.


Bring the heat.

Nothing will destroy a display faster than inadequate thermal management. CoolVu® is BoldVu’s multi-patented thermal management technology that extracts and expels heat from inside the BoldVu®, without exposing display electronics to ambient air or environmental contaminants, like dust, dirt and moisture and without the use of air filters – which means typically no periodic maintenance required. With CoolVu®, BoldVu® displays can operate in environments up to 122°F (50°C) without any degradation in visual performance.

up to

122° F / 50° C

temperature tolerance