BoldVu® Outdoor Displays

BoldVu® Outdoor Displays

BoldVu® digital displays deliver unparalleled performance in the outdoor, direct-sunlight environment. 

BoldVu® Outdoor Displays

Elevating Expectations for Outdoor Performance

BoldVu® displays provide unparalleled luminance and visual clarity in even the most challenging and unforgiving outdoor environments. They also feature the industry’s only visual performance guarantee – 10 years of 24/7 use in any outdoor environment with zero loss in luminance.

  • Unsurpassed visual quality | 3500 nits, high contrast, wide viewing angle
  • Guaranteed performance | 10-year visual performance guarantee*
  • Outdoor ready | IP56 design, thermal management system, no enclosure needed
  • Vandal protection | laminated, ballistic-resistant cover glass
  • Autonomous optimization | self-monitoring & control of over 150 operating parameters
  • Multiple sizes & options | 55″, 75″, 86″ sizes, single or double-sided, touchscreen option
*active SmartVu™ contract required

BoldVu® Features

BrightVu® | Enduring luminance.

BoldVu® displays are engineered with a high-efficiency LED backlight designed to maintain full luminance for 10 years. They appear beautifully bright in any outdoor environment, even in direct sunlight and ensure high contrast and color saturation from every viewing angle.

CoolVu® | Thermal management.

BoldVu® displays regulate internal temperature through a multi-patented, dual-loop heat exchanger that operates without air filters and never has to be replaced. CoolVu® maintains an optimal operating environment for display electronics, entirely sealed from environmental contaminants, in any habitable place on Earth.

ToughVu® | Outdoor-proofing.

BoldVu® displays are 100% protected from the elements. They employ ToughVu® vandal glass and an IP56 design which allows for outdoor operation without any need for concern over ballistic impact, wind, dust, rain, sleet, snow, brake dust, or car fumes. No need for an environmental enclosure, air filters, or additional vandal-proofing measures.

BestVu® | Image optimization.

BoldVu® displays analyze their environment for ambient illumination and weather conditions to combine it with data from each frame of a media file to optimize the brightness, gamma, and black level of each pixel on the digital screen. This ensures vibrant colors and high contrast no matter when or where the display is viewed.

DynamicVu® | Block dimming.

BoldVu® displays perform real-time analysis of every video frame to dynamically and autonomously attenuate and amplify LED backlight luminance, up to 120 times per second. This feature boosts image contrast, reduces backlight power and heat generation, and extends LED backlight life.

SureVu® | Video verification.

BoldVu® displays analyze video input signal to ensure the image on the display is the correct resolution, is changing, and is not stalled on any image beyond the desired duration of time. The BoldVu® digital controller board can also perform a soft and hard-reboot of an unresponsive media player, to restore video playback without onsite service.

Additional Features

Polarized sunglasses viewable without image distortion, auto luminance control using GPS coordinates & real-time weather, embedded 5MP USB camera, modular components for service without de-installation, internal mounting space & available power for component integration, embedded AC power center, surge supressor, anti-tripped circuit control, remote monitoring & control of display operational parameters.

Add-On Options

All-Glass InfiniteTouch Panel

InfiniteTouch™ is a next-gen PCAP touch sensor exclusively available on BoldVu® displays. Comprised of a multi-layered, laminated stack of glass, the InfiniteTouch™ panel delivers high transmission, low diffuse and specular reflection, and true tablet like responsiveness, making it the best-looking and best-performing touch solution for outdoor LCDs on the market.

  • High transmission | more luminance for less power
  • Low reflection | deeper blacks, more vibrant colors, low mirror-effect
  • No-wire sensor | eliminates metallic glint from oblique angles
  • 10ms response | true tablet-like touch experience
  • Advanced noise rejection | zero touch-interference from water

1U Chassis Insert

BoldVu® displays are built with the capacity to house, power, and cool peripheral devices inside their sealed electronics chassis. The 1U Chassis Insert provides additional mounting area to accommodate peripherals, equivalent to the space occupied by two 1U rack-mount devices.

This chassis expansion is perfect for applications where large networking and IoT devices like modems, routers, switches, and environmental sensors are integrated to deliver a “smart” or “connected” kiosk.

  • Peripheral housing | place more devices inside the BoldVu® panel
  • Peripheral power | power devices using cleaned, conditioned AC & DC power
  • Future expansion | easy installation, add now or later

*Only available on 55 in. displays


Single-Sided Configuration

Model NumberBV1255PSBV1175PSBV1186PS
Display Size55 in.75 in.86 in.
Active Display Area47.6″ x 26.8″65″ x 36.5″74.6″ x 42″
Resolution / Aspect Ratio1920 x 1080 / 16:93840 x 2160 / 16:93840 x 2160 / 16:9
Luminance3500 nits3500 nits3500 nits
Contrast Ratio / Dynamic CR5000:1 / 1,000,000:15000:1 / 1,000,000:15000:1 / 1,000,000:1
Power Consumption550 W (typ.) / 650 W (max)1200 W (typ.) / 1400 W (max)1900 W (typ.) / 2300 W (max)
Weight250 lbs500 lbs550 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D)53.4″ x 31.5″ x 9.4″75.4″ x 47″ x 7″83.1″ x 50.5″ x 7″
Downloads Specs Specs Specs

Double-Sided Configuration

Model NumberBV1255PDBV1175PDBV1186PD
Display Size55 in.75 in.86 in.
Active Display Area47.6″ x 26.8″65″ x 36.5″74.6″ x 42″
Resolution / Aspect Ratio1920 x 1080 / 16:93840 x 2160 / 16:93840 x 2160 / 16:9
Luminance3500 nits3500 nits3500 nits
Contrast Ratio / Dynamic CR5000:1 / 1,000,000:15000:1 / 1,000,000:15000:1 / 1,000,000:1
Power Consumption1000 W (typ.) / 1200 W (max)2300 W (typ.) / 2700 W (max)3600 W (typ.) / 4300 W (max)
Weight350 lbs700 lbs800 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D)53.4″ x 31.5″ x 11.5″75.4″ x 47″ x 10″83.1″ x 50.5″ x 10″
Downloads Specs Specs Specs
*Typical power consumption based on full luminance with a white display field, averaged over 10 years of 24/7 use. Actual power consumption may be reduced by up to 40% with active content on the display through the DynamicVu® block dimming feature. All figures subject to change without notice.

SmartVu™ Support

Receive our industry-leading visual performance guarantee for up to 10-years with SmartVu™ Support.


Phone & email support 

Display health monitoring

Managed support ticketing

Parts management

Other BoldVu® Products

BoldVu® LT Semi-Outdoor

The 850 nit BoldVu® LT semi-outdoor display is intended for use in semi-sunlit venues exposed to high foot traffic such as train and subway stations, airports, and retail developments.

BoldVu® XT Ultra-Bright

The 6000 nit BoldVu® XT ultra-bright display is designed for extremely hot and sunny outdoor venues where high-visibility and visual clarity both challenging and critically important.

BoldVu® Vehicle Top

The 3500 nit BoldVu® Vehicle Top display takes digital advertising to the streets using real-time GPS coordinates to serve relevant and timely content for maximum impact.


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