BoldVu® Smart Point

BoldVu® Smart Point

The Information hubs of smart and connected communities

BoldVu® Smart Point is an evolution of the BoldVu® display platform to extend its capabilities beyond the boundaries of the screen, communicating with connected devices all over the urban environment. BoldVu® Smart Point houses, powers, and cools the networking and data processing appliances that power the IoT.

In a new whitepaper Connected Kiosks | The information hubs of smart and connected cities, famed digital signage industry consultant Dave Haynes explores the role that digital kiosks play as cities begin to leverage connectivity and IoT in the built environment.

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An Intel Market Ready Solution

BoldVu® Smart Point is an Intel Market Ready Solution. Intel processors and technologies are the backbone of the compute infrastructure that power the intelligence derived from the Smart Point. All cameras, sensors, media, and interactivity are processed, stored, and accessed via Intel compute resources housed within the BoldVu®.

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