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Way2Vu® digital menu boards increase drive-thru sales, boost order efficiency, and connect with patrons in a smile-inducing manner that keeps them coming back for more. Models available in 55″ pre-sell board and 86″ menu board.


Speed Up Orders, Increase Sales, Delight Customers.

With upwards of 70% of QSR business happening in the drive-thru, taking digital menu boards outdoors is the next evolution of the fast food restaurant. The challenge is, you can’t simply take your indoor displays and place them outside – they won’t work. They’re not bright enough or ruggedized to handle the harshness of an outdoor environment. That’s where the Way2Vu® digital menu board technology comes in.

Built on a portfolio of 300 outdoor LCD display patents and over 20,000 active deployments around the globe, Way2Vu® outdoor LCD menu boards are the only outdoor menu board solution worthy of the mission critical responsibility of the drive-thru.

Digital Menu Board 55 inch

55″ Pre-Menu Board

1920 x 1080 resolution, full-outdoor rated display with Media Player®, remote connectivity, 3500 nit brightness and 10 years of performance life.

86″ Menu Board

3500 nit, UHD display with fail-back systems to ensure uptime, in sunlight, rain, sleet, or snow. Built for 10 years of performance life.


– 10-years of usable life with no deterioration in image quality
– Full HD 1920 x 1080 (55″) and UHD 3840 x 2160 (86″)
– Auto-brightness based on time of day
– Backup media player & power supply
– 24/7 uptime monitoring & remote control

– Handles extreme temperatures: -40°C to +50°C
– Water-proof & freeze-proof design
– 13.5mm thick, bullet-proof cover glass
– Plug & play design – 2 hour installation
– Extremely bright off-angle viewing

Drive Thru Menu Board

Ultra Bright. Day or Night.

Way2Vu® digital menu boards are built for the drive-thru. At 3500 nit brightness and UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution, they display brilliantly crisp and bright content, even in direct sunlight. An auto-dimming feature reduces menu board brightness at night, so as not to blind your customers.

And unlike other outdoor LCD displays that get black, blotchy spots when exposure to the sun boils the liquid crystal element, Way2Vu’s CoolVu thermal management system keeps the LCD cool so your menu is always vibrant and in-tact.

Bring on the Elements.

Rain or snow, dust and dirt, Way2Vu® digital menu boards are 100% protected from the elements. The closed-loop ventilation system means no air filters to maintain, and ensures protection of all internal components from ambient air and humidity.

The 13.5 mm cover glass is ballistic resistant and ensures protection of the LCD from vandalism, destructive storms, and repeated shots from a .22.

Pre Menu Board

In Everything, Energy Efficient.

Way2Vu® digital menu boards run off the same power supply as your existing outdoor menus. Smart LED backlighting is dynamically adjusted based on the active content on the display so every watt off energy that’s not needed, isn’t used. Dynamic block dimming also increases the contrast ratio of the images on display, so Way2Vu® makes your menu look even more rich and vibrant than you expected.

2-Hour Installation.

Way2Vu® is a true plug & play drive-thru menu board solution. Where other outdoor menu boards are assembled from parts and pieces from a wide range of manufacturers, domestic and foreign, Way2Vu® menu boards are engineered and built from the ground up in a single facility, with circuit boards that we print, metal and glass that we cut, and LED backlights that we build from raw materials. No other outdoor digital menu board is as purely engineered and manufactured as Way2Vu®.

Of course, all menu boards are pre-loaded with the client’s preferred content management system and configured to connect to their network operations center, so that on the day of  installation, all we need is power and data.

Digital Menu Board

Beautiful and Brainy.

You can’t afford for your digital drive-thru menu board to go dark. It absolutely has to be running, communicating with the network operations center, and displaying your menu – beautifully. That’s why we’ve engineered real-time monitoring of over 150 internal hardware and operating parameters for any potential performance issues. If anything goes wrong, the system is pre-configured to solve the issue on its own.

Over 20+ years building LCD displays for harsh environments we’ve discovered that the two components most prone to failure are the media player and power supply. That’s why we install and pre-configure a fail-over, redundant media player and power supply in the Way2Vu® drive-thru menu board. If one part fails, the other kicks on without any visual indication and an alert is triggered at the monitoring center where a field-tech is dispatched to replace the failed component.

Monitoring That Never Sleeps.

The network connectivity of all Way2Vu® menu boards allows for immediate, remote troubleshooting and diagnostic testing. If a problem requires on-site service, technicians will know exactly what the problem is and how to fix it long before they arrive on site.

Every drive-thru menu board is designed to be serviced in its mounted position, from the rear side, while powered on, in 30 minutes or less. Redundant components grant hot swap capability, ensuring uptime in the drive-thru.

Upgrade your drive-thru with the ultimate digital menu board – Way2Vu®.