BoldVu® Vehicle Top Displays

BoldVu® Vehicle Top Displays

BoldVu® Vehicle Top displays are a kinetic new medium for Out of Home.

BoldVu® Vehicle Top Displays

A kinetic new medium for digital out of home.

In major cities around the world, digital displays are displacing the aging, static displays of decades past. BoldVu® Vehicle Top displays are the next evolution of on-vehicle advertising. At 3500 nits, the double-sided BoldVu® Vehicle Top display is beautifully bright, even in direct sunlight. Stress-tested using military specifications, these displays are engineered to provide unsurpassed visual performance, safely from the roof of a moving vehicle.

  • Unsurpassed visual quality | 3500 nits, high contrast, wide viewing angle
  • Vehicle ready | IP56 design, filterless thermal management system
  • Vandal protection | thermally tempered cover glass and aluminum materials
  • Autonomous optimization | self-monitoring & control of over 150 operating parameters


BrightVu® | Enduring luminance.

BoldVu® vehicle top displays are engineered with high-efficiency LED backlights designed to maintain full luminance for 10 years. They appear beautifully bright in any outdoor environment, even in direct sunlight and ensure high contrast and color saturation from every viewing angle.

CoolVu® | Thermal management.

BoldVu® vehicle top displays regulate internal temperature through a multi-patented, dual-loop heat exchanger that operates without air filters and never has to be replaced. CoolVu® maintains an optimal operating environment for display electronics, entirely sealed from environmental contaminants.

ToughVu® | Outdoor-proofing.

BoldVu® vehicle top displays are 100% protected from the elements. They employ an IP56 design which allows for outdoor operation without any need for concern over ballistic impact, wind, dust, driven rain, sleet, snow, brake dust, or car fumes. No need for air filters or additional vandal-proofing measures.

BestVu® | Image optimization.

BoldVu® vehicle top displays analyze their environment for ambient illumination and weather conditions to combine it with data from each frame of a media file to optimize the brightness, gamma, and black level of each pixel on the digital screen. This ensures vibrant colors and high contrast no matter when or where the display is viewed.

DynamicVu® | Block dimming.

BoldVu® vehicle top displays perform real-time analysis of every video frame to dynamically and autonomously attenuate and amplify LED backlight luminance, up to 120 times per second. This feature boosts image contrast, reduces backlight power and heat generation, and extends LED backlight life.

SureVu® | Video verification.

BoldVu® vehicle top displays analyze video input signal to ensure the image on the display is the correct resolution, is changing, and is not stalled on any image beyond the desired duration of time. The BoldVu® digital controller board can also perform a soft and hard-reboot of an unresponsive media player, to restore video playback.

Add-On Options

LED Illuminated End Caps

Front and rear end caps with fixed-brightness LED illumination allow for the application of self-adhesive applique characters for vehicle identification. Illumination is turned on/off with a toggle switch routed to the interior of the vehicle, and can be used to signify a vacant or occupied vehicle.

Roof Rack Mount

Designed to simplify installation, the roof rack is a vehicle-specific mount for the BoldVu® vehicle top display. Roof racks are engineered to the specific make, model, and year of a vehicle to ensure safe and sound structural support for the display.


Standard Configuration

Model Number VT1145LD
Display Size 45 in. (44.8 in. diagonal)
Active Display Area 42.3 x 14.8 in.
Resolution Full HD, 1920 x 674
Luminance 3500 Nits
Contrast Ratio / Dynamic CR 5000:1 / 1,000,000:1
Power Consumption 350 W
Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions (H x W x D) 17.2 x 50 x 8.2 in.
Cover Glass 3mm, full thermal temper
Dust / Water Protection IP56 design
Ambient Temperature Tolerance -40°C ~ +50°C
Peripheral Support GPS Radio, Bluetooth Beacon, Media Player, Cellular Modem
Other Features Thermal management system, dynamic dim backlight, auto-gamma adjustment, auto-brightness adjustment, door sensor, removeable/replaceable side assembly, hinged door access, elapsed time recorder, remote system monitoring
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*Typical power consumption based on full luminance with a white display field, averaged over 10 years of 24/7 use. Actual power consumption may be reduced by up to 40% with active content on the display. All figures subject to change without notice.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Hardware & Software

No. However, at the buyer’s request, we can provide and integrate this hardware component at an additional cost. The display has bulkhead connectors to route the radio antenna outside the display chassis.

No. However, at the buyer’s request, we can provide this hardware component. The cellular modem is required remote control of the display for downloading & scheduling content, performing system updates, and monitoring hardware performance.

Yes. An Intel® NUC PC with Windows 10 IoT license is standard with the display. Buyers can also specify media player hardware and CMS. Most media players that can run on 12VDC power, with a small form factor can be integrated to work with the display.

No. Buyers are free to use their own CMS or we can suggest a solution if you do not have a preference. Look for solutions that can take advantage of real-time GPS location to dynamically play content.


The display is affixed using a vehicle-specific, heavy-duty roof rack that is designed to reduce vibration and provide the structural strength needed to support the display.

Yes. The roof rack requires mounting feet to be secured with bolts and rivets installed inside the ditch on the roof of the vehicle. Should a roof rack be removed, these holes are very easy to cover up and don’t leave any visible cosmetic changes to the car.

The display runs off of the vehicle’s native electrical system, (i.e. 12VDC battery, or other in the case of an electric vehicle). A wire harness is routed from the display to under the hood of the vehicle to make the connections.

Displays can be moved between vehicles, so long as compatible mounting systems are in place. Mounting systems are engineered specific to each make and model of vehicle, so mount systems should not be transferred between dissimilar vehicles.

Durability & Performance

Displays are stress tested to deliver 10-years of performance. Under an active SmartVu™ Support contract, vehicle top displays are eligible for a 10-year performance guarantee.

Yes, the display is designed to the IP56 standard for water & dust ingress. Its thermal management system allows for operation in temperatures between -40°C ~ +50°C (-40°F ~ +122°F).

Yes, the display outputs 3500 nits of luminance on each digital face, which appears vivid and bright even in direct sunlight.

Yes, displays employ 3mm thermally tempered glass to protect the LCD, which is roughly the same thickness as vehicle side glass. The aluminum chassis is sturdy and durable – more so than the exterior body of most vehicles.

System Management & Service

A cellular modem (not included) provides IP connectivity. This allows the media player to download content and schedules over the 3G/4G LTE networks. A cellular data plan through a network carrier is required.

Yes, through the SmartVu™ monitoring portals users can remotely access hardware diagnostics and adjust parameters like day/night luminance, on/off times, and more.

On/Off behavior is programmable. By default, the display enters Power Save Mode when the vehicle is turned off. It completely powers down when voltage dips below a lower threshold to ensure enough charge for the vehicle to start up again. Upon vehicle start up, the display re-enters On Mode and continues content playback as normal.

Keep exterior surfaces clean with mild soap and wipe with a towel. Ensure ventilation grilles are kept clean and open. Remove any debris (leaves, twigs, etc.) that may lodge themselves around the mount.

SmartVu® Support

Receive our industry-leading visual performance guarantee for up to 10-years with SmartVu® Support.


Phone & email support 

Display health monitoring

Managed support ticketing

Parts management

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