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TaxiVu™ digital taxi top displays multiply the benefits of mobile advertising by serving dynamic, location-based content served from a central operations center. 

Taxi top LCD display

Dynamic Advertising On The Move

In major cities around the world, digital displays are displacing the aging, static displays of decades past. Bus shelters, billboards, and other advertising media are being transformed into bright, interactive digital displays. TaxiVu™ digital displays are the next evolution of cab-top advertising.

TaxiVu™ is engineered to mount to the taxi top and powered solely off the vehicle’s electrical system.


– 3500 nit brightness
– 1920 x 675 Resolution
– Double-sided 45″ LCDs
– Vehicle-specific mounts and electrical systems
– Operable between -40°C to +50°C

– On-board media player
– 10-year performance life
– No periodic maintenance
– Remote monitoring of 150+ parameters
– Operable with IOT devices

taxivu lcd display

Eye-Popping Visual Clarity.

With TaxiVu’s ability to produce 3500 nit brightness, content always appears crystal clear and bright, even in direct sunlight. Whether in the shadow of a skyscraper, the shade of a tree, or out in the desert sun, TaxiVu™ LCD displays make digital content pop.

And of course our patented CoolVu® thermal management system keeps displays running at peak performance at any ambient temperature between -40°C to +50°C.

On-the-Go Tough.

A digital taxi top display presents some unique challenges compared to an in-ground installation – it’s outside in the heat and cold, it’s constantly moving and stopping on bumpy and curvy roads, and it’s operating in variable lighting conditions all day and night. On top of all that, there are strict safety regulations that have to be met.

TaxiVu™ is designed to address these challenges head on and with nearly 300 display patents as the basis of it’s engineering, there’s no other vehicle-top display remotely close to this level of sophistication.

vehicle top lcd display

Powered By The Vehicle.

How do you power a super-bright, vehicle-mounted, LCD display when your only available power is the vehicle battery and alternator? You get a team of smart engineers together to custom design the entire display to run off the power available to it.

TaxiVu™ displays are powered entirely by the vehicle alternator. No external power source needed. No vehicle electrical system modifications required.

Built to Fit.

Every TaxiVu™ display is engineered to fit the vehicle where it will live. As the form factor of each vehicle is a little different, a tremendous amount of effort goes into designing the mounting and electrical systems of TaxiVu™.

As safety is always paramount, a licensed Professional Engineer certifies that every TaxiVu™ configuration passes Department of Transportation mandated crash tests. This ensures that the displays are secured to the vehicle, in the event of an abrupt stop or hard impact.

Hyper-Targeted Advertising.

Instead of vinyl cab-toppers that can only show one advertisement, TaxiVu™ allows for dynamic ads based on time of day, weather, location, and the people around it. Using a combination of geofencing, beacon, wireless data, and wifi technolgies, content displayed on TaxiVu™ can be extremely specific and targeted.

As the vehicle moves from one city street to another, content can automatically switch to serve the most relevant messaging to the people in that exact location. Imagine the possibilities.

Worry Free.

There’s no time for the display to be down when it’s out on the streets. That’s why we’ve engineered all TaxiVu™ displays for remote, automatic diagnostic testing. If a problem occurs, we’ll know about it and our field technicians will know exactly how to fix it.

TaxiVu LCD Screen

Multiply your vehicle-top advertising revenue with TaxiVu™.