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BoldVu® Outdoor Displays

BoldVu® displays are our signature digital signage product, providing unparalleled 3500 nit luminance in even the most challenging and unforgiving outdoor environments. For applications where visibility and visual integrity is paramount, no other outdoor display remotely approaches the sophistication, maturity, or reliability of a BoldVu®.

  • 55″ Full HD resolution
  • 75″ & 86″ UHD resolution
  • Single or double-sided
  • With or without touchscreen
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BoldVu® LT Semi-Outdoor

The 850 nit BoldVu® LT semi-outdoor display is intended for use in semi-sunlit venues exposed to high foot traffic such as train and subway stations, airports, and retail developments.

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BoldVu® XT Ultra-Bright

The 6000 nit BoldVu® XT ultra-bright display is designed for extremely hot and sunny outdoor venues where high-visibility and visual clarity are particularly challenging to achieve.

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BoldVu® Vehicle Top

The 3500 nit BoldVu® Vehicle Top display takes digital advertising to the streets, accommodating CMS systems that use real-time GPS coordinates to serve relevant and timely content.

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