What is Total Cost of Ownership?

A big, capital purchase is like an iceberg where the only thing immediately visible is the sticker price. Total cost of ownership (TCO) accounts for

What is collimation?

Collimation is a method of focusing light on a center point to make it appear brighter. A crude example would be like placing a paper

What is Block Dimming?

Block dimming is a process of intelligently adjusting LED brightness to reduce power consumption, heat, and to increase the contrast ratio on an LCD display.

Will humidity affect the LCD display?

Depending on the design, humidity could create a lot of problems for a digital display. This can happen in a couple different manners: 1) humidity

What is a NOC?

NOC stands for Network Operations Center and refers to a central hub where digital displays are linked through data connections for monitoring purposes. The NOC

What is solar clearing?

Solar clearing is when liquid crystals in the display panel undergo a phase change under exposure to direct sunlight. When this occurs, black blotches appear

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