LG-MRI, the established and proven market leader in Outdoor LCD displays media and advertising, has expanded its line of double-sided BoldVu® Outdoor LCD Displays. Now available in various sizes; 49”, 55”, 75”, 86”and the new 98”, customers can now select single or double-sided designs to better address specific requirements and to optimize the physical space.

These double-sided designs are 40% thinner and more power efficient than single-sided units simply mounted back-to-back. Most are only 10” deep from digital face to digital face making it the absolute thinnest solution in the market with the smallest footprint and the lowest power consumption.

“The first digital LCD displays multiplied the advertising slots available in a single real-estate location from 1 static poster to 6-8 digital advertisements on an advertising loop,” explains Bill Dunn, Founder and CEO of MRI, the engineering and manufacturing arm of the LG-MRI partnership. “Now, we can offer ultra-thin, double-sided displays for mounting in the same location but with the ability to provide digital advertising on each display face getting more bang for the buck”.

In major metropolitan cities like New York, Chicago, and London where real-estate locations for advertising are limited and at a premium cost, using a double-sided over a single-sided digital display can make good economic sense. According to Peter Kaszycki, CEO of LG-MRI “We are seeing a significant increase in the deployment of double-sided units in major markets as digital advertising is becoming more widely accepted and becoming the new norm.” The fact that all of LG-MRI’s product offerings have a 10+ year performance life – twice that of any other provider – makes the investment in BoldVu® single or double-sided displays a logical choice.

LG-MRI has purpose-designed their double-sided offerings such that certain elements can be efficiently shared, such as the patented CoolVu® Thermal Management system, power supplies and other electronics. This results in a thinner profile, reduced power consumption and a lower overall cost, all in a compact, sleek design.

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