Engaging Signage for Mixed-Use Developments

Engaging Signage for Mixed-Use Developments

The City Within a City

Much in the same way cities are developing smart digital kiosk networks to connect & modernize urban infrastructure, so too are mixed-use developments leveraging IoT technologies to promote guest engagement and elevate the visitor experience in their own “city within a city.”

The mixed-use development is seeing a resurgence in popularity as today’s consumer shows a strong preference to live, work, and play in close proximity. These densely populated and high foot-traffic urban areas are exactly the type of venue media companies and their advertising partners look for in developing digital signage networks.

Leaders in place-based digital advertising networks across cities and mixed-used developments leverage BoldVu® display technology.

Displays in Action

Interactive kiosks in mixed-use developments are used in a number of creative ways to accomplish a broad range of objectives. Check out some of the interesting use cases for digital kiosks in mixed-use environments.

Brand Engagement

Brands are using interactive campaigns to do things like super-impose a photo of a user into a movie poster. Kiosks offer a unique opportunity to create a positive impression with a personal touch.

Real-Time Info

Kiosks can be connected to a variety of applications to display things like weather, news, movie times, transit schedules, and other time sensitive information, just to make things easier and more convenient.


Especially for users unfamiliar with their surroundings, interactive wayfinding with points of interest and maps integration have high utility and are a core use case for informational kiosks.


Nobody likes to wait when waiting can be avoided. Arm users with the ability to self-serve, cut lines, and find relevant information at their own pace.

Emergency Use

Streamline dissemination of emergency information and allow users to reach out for help when it is needed most. With location aware kiosks, every moment spared is worth it.


Powered by BoldVu®

Digital kiosks powered by BoldVu® achieve technical and commercial success for 3 main reasons:

  1. Unparalleled Visual Performance – BoldVu® displays are built with a high-performance optical stack designed to maintain day-1 brightness for 10 years. Content always looks its best on a BoldVu® – a core requirement for big brands and advertisers.
  2. Open Mechanical Architecture – The BoldVu® display chassis is designed to house, power, and cool connected devices. This provides the perfect operating environment for peripheral components, and simplifies integration, installation, and overall longevity.
  3. Autonomous Optimization – BoldVu® displays self-monitor over 150 operational parameters, continuously optimizing performance to reduce power and produce the best picture possible. A system that takes care of itself saves on operations and maintenance.


Westfield Century City

This high-end outdoor shopping mall in the commercial district of Los Angeles, California uses double-sided 55″ BoldVu® displays as interactive informational kiosks.

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“The Loop” Street Kiosks

Birmingham’s premier street media network is built using double-sided 84″ BoldVu® outdoor displays and offers free public WiFi to pedestrians around the shopping district.

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The Visual Performance Score

The Visual Performance Score answers the question, “how will a display that is marketed for outdoor use actually look when you take it outside?”

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