There are plenty of software and hardware challenges to building and deploying successful outdoor LCD display solutions and you can learn about all of those in the other posts we’ve written. This article is about all the other factors that influence the success or failure of a digital display deployment, which you may or may not have considered before.

Here’s a list of questions to consider before getting too far along in a digital display project:

  1. Are there any permits needed for installing or operating digital displays?
  2. The display and mounting structure need to be designed for wind loads. Are there any local requirements on gale-force winds?
  3. Does the mounting need to be certified and stamped by a Professional Engineer?
  4. Are union laborers or safety personnel required for installation or service?
  5. Will installation require any road closures or detours?
  6. How is power to be supplied to the display? Does new power need to be pulled?
  7. What is the cellular network service like for the area?
  8. Are there any restrictions on full-motion video content in the city?
  9. What are the restrictions relative to type and frequency of content transitions?
  10. What codes or ordinances are there for auto-dimming or shutdown at night?

These questions all impact the development and schedule of a display rollout and could have significant cost implications for your project. They might also greatly inform the type of display you decide to purchase and use in your network. A few years back we worked on a project in New York City that saved our client over $2 Million because our displays did not require new power to be pulled at the installation sites. That made a lot of people happy.