Elevating the Drive-Thru Experience with BoldVu®

Elevating the Drive-Thru Experience with BoldVu®

The Recipe for Digital Menu Success

When it comes to digital menu technology, almost none of what works inside the restaurant is transferable to the drive-thru. Indoors is a controlled environment where, compared to everything else, the digital menus appear bright and vibrant, ensuring each product looks its best. The operating environment has little influence on what hardware is best suited for the job. But in the drive-thru everything changes. We not only have to ensure the electronics can survive, we also have to make the menu look amazing, which is a challenge when competing with the brightness of the sun.

The recipe for technology success in the drive-thru is a combination of purpose-built hardware that enables fast service through unyielding performance.

Purpose-Built Hardware

The only display solution fit for the most important transaction environment of a QSR is purpose-built to provide uncompromising image quality, while effortlessly sailing through all the environmental challenges that would threaten hardware performance and longevity. This includes reducing reflection, boosting perceived brightness and contrast, ensuring wide-angle visibility, and removing image distortion when viewing through polarized sunglasses.

A high-bright monitor in an environmental enclosure undercuts the investment placed in menu design and product photography, and detracts from a positive customer experience.

Fast Service

Time studies of top performing QSRs show average service time per vehicle somewhere in the 2-3 minute range. There are a hundred different ways to go about shaving precious seconds from the process, but one that is of critical importance is a clean, visible, and thoughtfully designed menu. A digital menu that is dirty, hard to read, inaccurate, or, in the worst case, not functioning can compromise the promise of fast food.

The menu should produce an appropriately bright image based on time of day, cloud coverage, and other ambient lighting conditions. It should have excellent off-angle visibility, so that cars #2 and #3 in the queue can preview the menu before their turn to order. And it must faithfully reproduce the picture quality needed to ensure each menu item looks it best.

Uncompromised Visual Integrity

A tremendous amount of marketing research and effort is dedicated to menu design. Everything from color, size, position, grouping, negative space, images, and text are painstakingly planned to empower customers and to promote menu items with specific goals in mind. Imagine if all that effort and expense went to waste because the screen technology used for the drive-thru is unable to effectively display the menu.

The menu as shown by this BoldVu® display is bright, colorful, and easy to read, allowing for all the design intent of the menu to shine through with uncompromised visual integrity. 


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