What Makes Digital Displays Look Good?

Our eyes take great delight in being easily entertained with rich colors and deep contrast. Ideally, that’s the

  • Bus Shelter LCD Display

Total Cost of Ownership

The total cost of owning and operating a digital signage network goes far beyond the cost of purchasing

  • Bus stop touchscreen display

Power Consumption in Outdoor LCD Displays

Power consumption of LCD displays is often overlooked and underestimated in outdoor digital signage deployments. People assume that


BoldVu® Outdoor

BoldVu® LT Semi-Outdoor

BoldVu LT 55 in.
BoldVu LT 75 in.
BoldVu LT 86 in.

BoldVu® XT Ultra-Bright

BoldVu® Vehicle Top Display

BoldVu VTU 45 in.

SmartVu Support

SmartVu Overview
SmartVu Advanced Monitoring Portal
SmartVu Managed Services

Other Literature

All-Glass InfiniteTouch™ Panel


Presentation | Smart City Kiosks, Powered by BoldVu®

BoldVu® displays are being used to transform existing street furniture into smart city solutions that provide myriad benefits to citizens and cities alike. View how street kiosks can be built around BoldVu® display technology in smart city applications.


Article | The Visual Performance Score

How do displays marketed for outdoor use actually perform when deployed outdoors? The Visual Performance Score is a simple set of benchmark evaluation criteria that illuminates the difference between technical specifications and real-world performance of outdoor displays.

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Article | Comparing BoldVu® vs. a High-Bright Monitor

BoldVu® displays and high-bright monitors are both marketed for outdoor use, in high-traffic locations and challenging environments. But when compared side-by-side, nothing looks as good as a BoldVu®. This article provides insight into key differences contributing to this dramatic difference in performance.

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Project Profiles

San Francisco Street Furniture

A sprawling network of bus shelter and newsrack displays targeting San Francisco’s tech-savvy commuter audience.

View Project

Transport for London Bus Shelters

The world’s largest digital bus shelter network, located in London and powered by BoldVu® outdoor displays.

View Project

The Loop | Birmingham

An modern digital advertising network using 86in. BoldVu® displays, in one of the UK’s most populous cities.

View Project

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