Making Cities Smarter with BoldVu®

Making Cities Smarter with BoldVu®

The vision for smarter cities is driving innovation in data science and technology, laying the foundation for transforming street furniture into intelligent, connected infrastructure.

A Vision for Smarter Cities

Smart Cities are refocusing the development of core infrastructure to provide a better quality of life for citizens, while achieving greater environmental and economic sustainability. The implementation of Smart City Kiosks is an effective method to drive toward these goals.

Machine to Machine Data

Well-executed technology deployments in the areas of water, energy, and waste management, citizen communication, urban mobility, and the like set the foundation for a future that benefits from better data, greater citizen participation, and more informed urban planning.

As kiosks are placed on city streets, their ability to integrate and communicate with smart lighting, traffic cameras, parking meters, and more will prove an invaluable resource as cities strive to improve sustainability and quality of life.

Communicate with Citizens & Visitors

Built on cloud-based technologies in the Internet of Things (IoT), street kiosks provide real-world user interfaces for two-way calling, surveys, traffic incident reporting, and more to empower citizens and visitors as they move about the city, while also providing the city a simple way to obtain citizen feedback.

Provide Information & Wayfinding

Perhaps the most important aspect of gaining public buy-in is the utility the kiosks bring to a city’s citizens. A high-utility kiosk provides interactive wayfinding, transit schedules, local points of interest, emergency service, USB charging and more. When the kiosk is helpful, easy to use, and transparent in its purposes, its deployment and growth will be welcomed rather than feared or neglected.

Monetize Existing Real-Estate

As cities look to monetize existing real-estate, the digital kiosk is an enticing solution. Locations with large volumes of pedestrian and vehicular traffic can prove attractive to media buyers looking to make valuable advertising impressions. Digital kiosks that integrate audience recognition technologies and traffic counters provide even greater value as media partners look to reach their target audiences.

Gather Invaluable Insight

Using connected sensors, cameras, traffic counters, WiFi beacons, and other IoT devices, smart city kiosks gather high-value data that can provide invaluable insights as cities strive toward improvements in quality of life and sustainability.

For example, a display can relay information to transit operators about a bus stop that is overcrowded during a particular window of time so they can optimize their pickup schedules to ensure citizens get a ride when they need it.

The Smart City Kiosk

For decades cities and media companies have formed public-private partnerships to better monetize existing city real estate via media advertising. Smart City Kiosks can be funded through a similar model, while also offering greater citizen utility.

Citywide Alerting

Promote public safety through real-time emergency messaging, integrating security cameras, and enabling emergency calling

Public Connectivity

Enable access to information with public, high-speed internet, VOIP calling, and LTE small-cell support

Data & analytics

Gain value-added insights through environmental sensors, pedestrian & traffic counters, parking, lighting, waste management data

Concierge & Information

Citizen engagement by displaying transit information, providing interactive wayfinding, and highlighting events and points of interest

Powered by BoldVu®

Unparalleled Visual Performance 

BoldVu® displays are built with a high-performance optical stack that is designed to maintain day-1 brightness, contrast, and color saturation for up to 10 years. Ad content always looks as intended on a BoldVu® – a core requirement for big brands and advertisers.

Open Mechanical Architecture

The BoldVu® display chassis is designed to house, power, and cool IoT devices. This provides a cool and clean environment for peripherals which dramatically simplifies technology integration, installation, and overall longevity.

Autonomous Optimization

BoldVu® displays self-monitor and report on over 150 operational parameters, continuously optimizing display performance in real-time. Advanced monitoring capabilities allow for hardware-level control over IP connection.


Presentation | Smart City Kiosks, Powered by BoldVu®

BoldVu® displays are being used to power public signage networks around the globe. View this presentation to gain additional insight as to how BoldVu® displays can be used to power smart city signage networks.


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