Empowering Fan Engagement

Crafting a Signature Venue Experience

Crafting a signature venue experience is all about engineering each piece of the visitor journey to look, feel, and operate differently than things experienced elsewhere. Remarkable experiences are designed to be:

  1. Engaging: they connect to all five senses and involve the visitor in a visceral way.
  2. Unique: they incorporate original elements, giving the feeling of entering a different world.
  3. Personalized: they tailor the experience to each visitor.
  4. Surprising: they do the unexpected. One small surprise can leave a lasting impression.
  5. Repeatable: they appear seemingly spontaneous but are executed consistently.

Digital displays are becoming an increasingly important component of the venue experience, with BoldVu technology being used in high-traffic outdoor environments.

Engagement #1

Branded Media

There’s no better time to engage and entertain than when people are out having fun. Venues can extend their marketing efforts out to digital displays across the property to add to the visitor experience with things like augmented reality games, giveaways, and special promotions that create brand impressions.

Engagement #2

VIP Experiences and Special Offers

With the ability to dynamically change content based on audience profile, time of day, event schedules, and weather events digital displays can be used to drive behaviors that enhance the fan experience and are of high value to the venue like VIP upgrades, restaurant and shop promotions, and social activation.

Engagement #3

Maps and Event Information

Sprawling properties can better inform visitors of all there is to experience with interactive wayfinding, maps, event schedules and real-time information. Keeping visitors engaged in the moment and empowered to find their next stop is critical to a smooth visitor experience.

Engagement #4

Insightful Audience Analytics

With cameras, edge compute resources, and analytics software integrations BoldVu® digital displays help collect, process, and disseminate rich audience analytics for better campaign targeting, tracking, and attribution.


Connecting Fans, Brands, and Venues with the Power of IoT

BoldVu® can be the IoT hub of the modern stadium experience, delivering value across three core functions: 1) Fan engagement; 2) Connectivity; and 3) Data processing. A multi-functional, converged digital infrastructure endpoint, BoldVu® can be an edge data center hidden in plain sight.