Fan Engagement Empowered by BoldVu® Displays

Fan Engagement Empowered by BoldVu® Displays

Crafting a Signature Venue Experience

Crafting a signature venue experience is all about engineering each piece of the visitor journey to look, feel, and operate differently than things experienced elsewhere. Remarkable experiences are designed to be:

  1. Engaging: they connect to all five senses and involve the visitor in a visceral way.
  2. Unique: they incorporate original elements, giving the feeling of entering a different world.
  3. Personalized: they tailor the experience to each visitor.
  4. Surprising: they do the unexpected. One small surprise can leave a lasting impression.
  5. Repeatable: they appear seemingly spontaneous but are executed consistently.

Digital displays are becoming an increasingly important component of the venue experience, with BoldVu technology being used in high-traffic outdoor environments.

Next-Level Fan Engagement

An engaged audience is the result of a well-designed venue experience. Today’s technology landscape is enabling smarter experience design through video and mobile analytics and enduring fan communication through social media and mobile applications.

As more venues look to leverage technology to craft visceral experiences, evaluating the reliability of the hardware and software platforms is of critical importance.

High-Performance Displays

A core element in fan engagement, the display has to be big, bright, and beautiful – no room for compromise.

Smart Network Management

Endpoints must have enterprise-grade monitoring capabilities to ensure uptime and quick issue resolution. 

Rich Audience Data & Analytics

Audience data is only useful when its in-depth and actionable. Only then does it become an integral component of the design process.

Better Data for Smarter Campaigns

The sophistication of data analytics in online advertising has left out-of-home campaign performance feeling unpredictable and ambiguous. Across all segments and agencies buying digital signage for brand activation and advertising, performance data that mirrors what’s available with online advertising is becoming a top priority. Network owners that are able to deliver metrics for audience, engagement, and dwell time by location and time of day are removing barriers among media buyers, instilling them with greater confidence in the out-of-home medium.

BoldVu® displays are designed to seamlessly integrate the types of peripherals that gather this critical performance data including cameras, beacons, and mobile sensors.


Project Study | ISM Vision, Powered by BoldVu®

The ISM Vision, Powered by BoldVu® 360° fan engagement network is a first of its kind digital network built to connect fans with the venue and provide rich data to media partners sponsoring events.

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