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Taxi top advertising is now brighter, smarter, and more connected than ever before. 


With most outdoor advertising spaces, your asset is stationary. That means you have a very clear demographic of the people viewing the ad. With taxis, the whole game is turned upside down because you don’t know where the taxi will go or who will see the ad. Hopefully the taxi spends most of its time in the desired location, but more likely than not, the cab will be meandering into areas where your ad is going to feel contextually out of place.

How effective is showing the same advertisement at Wall Street, in Midtown, and in Harlem? These locations throughout New York City all have different demographics, yet the advertisers are giving them all the same content. This is an aged approach that can be greatly improved with the right technology.

The digital taxi topper is the new wave of on-the-go advertising. With digital displays, media companies can sell ads that display based on the cab’s geographic location or the specific time of day or weather conditions. With the ability to serve dynamic ads based on a variety of variables, the media or taxi company can better monetize the topper asset and derive the full value of the unit.

Instead of setting rates based on the demographics of an entire city, they can now sell based on the demographics of very small areas, at specific times of the day. The Midtown tourist and Wall Street banker are different demographics in different locations that would be best served by different advertisements. With digital taxi toppers, that possibility is now a reality.



Media and taxi companies can sell more ads on a single digital taxi topper than they could on five or six cabs with static posters. Do the math, increased ad rates * more ads per cab = increased ad revenue.


Increase your rates by serving targeted ads based on demographics, time of day, weather conditions, and proximity to specific locations. There’s no way that’s not a better solution for the advertisers.


Media and taxi companies may have to work with a local taxi or transit authority for advertising on taxis. Being able to offer your service to the city as a medium for spreading public alerts is a win for everyone.


There’s no other digital taxi top display out there that can remotely compete with the TaxiVu® Taxi Topper. This is a 45″ double-sided LCD display that is custom engineered to the vehicle where it will be mounted, and runs entirely off the existing electrical system of the car. The display produces 3500 nits of brightness which makes it beautifully vibrant, even in direct sunlight.

It’s built with GPS tracking and Bluetooth beacon modules for integration with programmatic advertising campaigns reliant upon geofencing technology. On top of all that, it is designed for 10-years of usable life with no apparent degradation in brightness or image quality. There is literally nothing that compares to TaxiVu®.

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